Important Details about COVID-19 and Return to School

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    Please review these important facts about COVID-19 and the return to school:

    • The purpose of this page is to provide information about COVID-19and the MAS return to school process. 
    • COVID-19 and the return to school plan information is fluid and changing every hour/day. 
    • MAS's plans are changing daily as we respond and react to the ever changing landscape of COVID-19.  Therefore, a statement made in a previous update may be changed or altered in a more recent update.
    • Milan Area Schools will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC, Governor Whitmer, the Michigan Department of Education, and all federal offices.
    • While decisions are being made daily, other decisions that need to be made by MAS are on hold until additional official guidance is provided by the appropriate state and federal offices.

    If you have any questions regarding these updates, please feel free to email Mr. Girbach at